Lead .NET Developer


Who we are

CampBrain is a 40+ person company in downtown Toronto. Since 1994, we’ve been creating registration software for children’s summer camps and over the past several years, our client base has expanded to schools, clubs and even an animal sanctuary. We have a well-earned reputation for great software, backed by incredibly competent and dedicated customer service. We do business in a straightforward and honest style. We are proud of what we do.

What you will be working on

You'll be working on our flagship product. CampBrain is a SaaS application serving two main sets of users. First and foremost, the people who buy our software are summer camp administrators, owners and directors throughout North America; second, our clients' clients - literally millions of parents registering their children for summer camps. For a small company in Toronto, we have a big reach.

What we need

We’re looking for a talented and capable lead developer - someone who has honed their craft over 5+ years of experience and:

  • Knows how to balance history and established patterns with a drive to innovate
  • Plans and thinks things through before writing code
  • Is motivated by mastery and continuous improvement
  • Has a proven track record of shipping software
  • Lives and breathes Agile software development principles
  • Has a drive to mentor, share knowledge, and also learn from teammates

You are an expert in .NET technologies (C#, LINQ, ASP.NET MVC 5, etc.). You love writing robust, readable and maintainable code (sometimes when you’re working on a particular tough problem you might even dream in code).

It would be nice if you have also experience with:

  • Distributed Systems, Microservices, Message-based architectures, RESTful services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing
  • Single Page Applications using KnockoutJS or Angular

You will be

Leading one of our development teams by

  • Prioritizing, planning, solving and developing key features in our software
  • Performing code reviews to ensure quality as well as an opportunity to mentor and teach teammates
  • Championing good software design and development practices
  • Evaluating innovative techniques and technologies to improve the software as well as the way we develop it

You have worked through some gnarly technical problems - like time zones, asynchrony, scaling web applications to support 1000+ users or high concurrency - and you’re ready to take on some more!

CampBrain culture

We are a close-knit team building a product and company we love. The people, the environment, the interaction…all matter greatly to us.

Why you should work here

  • We have a proven track-record, a viable product, loyal paying customers and we combine 2 fabulous things (technology and camp).
  • Your work will be valued, it will be important and it will matter. You’ll be working and helping 1100+ camps across North America to run their camps successfully.
  • We’re on the east side of the downtown core, 1 km (15 minutes) from the King Subway Station or Union Station. We have 8500 sq. ft. in the Studio City Building, a 125 year old brick-and-beam building which used to be the old Heintzman Piano factory. You’re close to great new restaurants and 20 metres from the best independent espresso bar.
  • You’ll get a competitive salary, 3 weeks’ vacation, wellness account, medical benefits and baked goods, lots of baked goods.  

You’re going to learn from a team of smart, talented and funny people

  • Our inspired CTO/architect has assembled an innovative stack of technologies. Everything we’re using is something you want on your résumé.
  • Our talented UX specialists are putting together a modern and profoundly elegant UI backed by research and evidence-based best-practices.
  • A creative team of product owners with extensive experience in our domain provides the business requirements and guidance.
  • Two intuitive QA guys have your back.
  • An extremely competent and cohesive team of 5 developers who write robust, readable and maintainable code.

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How to apply:

In your cover letter, tell us about an achievement you are most proud of – include your résumé and send it to Don’t skip this part, it’s important to us.